Mavis Huang


The Monster at the End of This Story

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Here’s a lil break-down! This was my first shot for this project.

PS Her name is Rosita!


Very first stage of this shot!


After Comp team put on the water-color effect. This is what the final looks like! It’s amazing!

Grover and His Mother

This is a simple shot where young Grover fears to ride a bike. His mom then responds " If that’s what you really want, why let fear stops you?" (True wisdom right there)


Monster at the End of This Story


Flash Animator

Cel Animator



Even though it was almost the very end of this project, I was very honored to be part of Sesame workshop team and participated in this project.

I was one of the main Flash animator in charge of animating character’s movements in traditional animation style.

Apart from that, animating the character’s fur is also a big part of this project. I got to animate two shots and due to the approaching deadline, I was switched to “fur” the characters.